Nyhet inför våren 2016

Då vi har investerat i ett mobilt sågverk så kommer vi kunna erbjuda sågning hemma hos kund. Bor du i Kil med omnejd och har träd på din tomt/mark som du vill omvandla till fint virke? Tveka inte att kontakta oss.

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Hamra Vildmark Center


Helgen spenderades på Grönlandshundsklubbens Vinterträff i Hamra, skateåkning och draghundsmeritering. Supertrevligt! Nu blir det mycket klassiskt framöver och träning inför Vasaloppet när arbetsdagarna är slut.

Interest is increasing – in the US!

Hold your horses and take a deep breath, it really happens … US sees us!

Nordanlids Rustik is a small company (Värmland, Sweden) – processing a small part of the local forest by fabricating rustic furniture. We make the whole process, we saw and dries our wood ourselves to carefully be able to select the most beautiful parts of the log. We do not mass produce, we make the furniture by your order. We make the furniture as if it was to ourselves.

The idea of this blog was to give something back to our existing customers, potential customers and give readers a different view  (spontaneous) of the company. To give anyone who reads an insight into the operations we conduct, the ideas, thoughts and other projects conducted in the yard.

We see – thanks to the statistics of the domain – the interest has become really big – in the United States! This is thanks to all the ”likes” that have been made trough Facebook. Humility on that one guys!

We have, thanks to Woodworking Tips page on Facebook had over 3600 sharings and more than 1500 likes.

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#Woodworking Tips – thank you for your attention! We love it 🙂

We have, thanks to The Outdoor Option’s page on Facebook had over 37,000 sharings and more than 26,000 likes.

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#The Outdoor Option – thank you for your attention! We love it.

The feeling is just amazing that other people are showing great interest in the products we create with the energy, passion and creation. It makes us incredibly happy and grateful. We bring this energy straight down to the workshop – and continue do what we love – making furniture – just like it was for ourselves.

It is absolutely amazing – who knows – maybe one day Nordanlids Rustiks products established in the United States?

Please visit The Outdoor Options and Woodworking Tips at thier Facebook pages – to get a lot of inspiration and ideas. Dont forget – share and like!

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Please feel free to visit our website – unfortunately it is only available in Swedish at the moment but please contact us please by email (info@nordanlidsrustik.se).

Släkten växer :)

Jo, och så var det ju det där med säkerheten. På senare tid har det tillkommit en del mindre krabater till denna fantastiska värld – vilket innebär att man får tänka en och två gånger på säkerheten.

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Skärmavbild 2016-01-10 kl. 20.05.23

Genomslagskraft i USA!

Fantastiskt roligt att vår sängmodell VIKING har delats över 37 000 gånger samt att det är drygt 26 000 personer som valt att gilla produkten.

Vi tackar The Outdoor Option för detta!

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För att beställa sängmodellen VIKING eller andra sängmodeller från Nordanlids Rustik – klicka nedan.


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